Why Dias

We {DIAS (Delhi Institute for Administrative Services)} believe in leading by example. Our strength is our consistent result-oriented performance. It is our commitment, competitiveness and consistency in delivery that has made DIAS India’s No.1 Institute for Civil Services Examination (CSE) and Indian Forest Service Examinations (IFoS) since Last Decade.

  1. Nurturing and Shaping Talent – Because, your Talent determines what you can do. Your Motivation determines how much you are willing to do, but your Attitude determines how well you do it. Practice makes a man perfect.
  2. Enhancing Capacity and building Capability – At DIAS, our objective is to enhance student’s capacity and build desired capabilities. Each one is important and involves different set of strategies.
  3. Our expert faculty for Physics,Chemistry and Maths Optionals help you to transform ordinary things into extraordinary opportunity as well as For GS by Renowned VAJPEYI SIR & Team.
  4. Best Study material – At DIAS, our guiding principle is “don’t study to earn, rather study to learn”. We too learn and grow with our Students. The more we learn the better we understand student’s requirement. With this idea and ideology, we develop and design relevant study materials.
  5. Development of Leadership and Management qualities.
  6. Science of Answer Writing – Knowledge, of course, matters, but what matters most is how you present your knowledge on paper. Those who don’t qualify Mains Exam don’t possess less knowledge than those ,who qualify. Writing is not merely penning down your thoughts. Rather, it is science , which can be improved by constant practice under expert guidance .