Delhi Institute for Administrative services

India’s Leading Institute for Civil Services Examinations

Why Dias?


The Civil Service Examination (CSE) is considered to be one of the toughest exams owing to its  vast and dynamic syllabus. It is a challenge for any student to prepare this vast syllabus and succeed   in a limited span of time.

DIAS has prepared a holistic guidance programme, addressing the problems faced by the aspirants in their  preparation, which sets us apart from other institutes. Our holistic guidance programme encompasses the following features:

Our Approach towards General Studies

Realising the importance of General Studies DIAS holds the view that it should be studied in depth and in detail.This is the reason our classroom programme has been divided into eight modules. Completecoverage of syllabus takes about10-12 months of duration.

Apart from this, we believe that the preparation for Preliminary and Mains Exam should be done simultaneously and not separately because barring a few most topics are common for both the exams. The only difference is that in Preliminary exam, the correct answer has to be chosen from very close and difficult options and it is Multiple choice Questions while in Mains Exam focus is on your presentation skills and it is subjective in nature . In other words, while the preliminary Exam teststhe  understanding,  knowledge, the Mains Exam tests the analytical skills as well. 

Our Faculty Members

The biggest advantage DIAS has is its excellence-driven faculty. We have kept the procedure of selection of teachers quite stringent and the decision for appointment and permanency of any teacher is made only after completion of multiple stages of selection. The expert teachers for each section of General Studies are appointed on the basis of their experience, understanding of changing nature of this exam ,  knowledge base and excellent  presentation skills. No doubt most of our faculties are drawn from best institutes of the country.