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Indian Economy

Module 5: Economy

S.NO Unit Content No of Classes
Introduction to Economy Unit-l
  • Micro & Macroeconomics, Different Economic Systems, Sectors of Economy & Their Contributions to GDP
  • Concepts of Demand & Supply
  • Market Equilibrium
2 classes
Indian Financial System Unit-ll
  • Banking Sector, Historical evolution, RBI, Role of Banks, Classification of Banks, Banking Sector Reforms
  • Financial Market- Money Market, Capital Market, Corporate Issues, IPO, Types of Market, SEBI, Stock Market Terminology
5 classes
Inflation & Its Control Measures Unit-lll
  • Concept, Causes, Demand Pull, Supply Shock, Measurement of Inflation, Effects of Inflation
  • Methods to Control Inflation- Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Administrative Policy
2 classes
National Income & Related Aggregates Unit-lV
  • GDP- Gross vs Net, National vs Domestic, Factor Cost vs Market Price, Current vs Constant
  • National Income and Domestic Income Accounting – Measurement (Expenditure & Production Method)
  • Growth and Development
  • PPP (International Comparison of Income)
3 classes
Budget & Fiscal Policy Unit-V
  • Definition, Structure of the Budget, Revenue Account vs Capital, Deficit Types of Deficits, FRBM Act NK Singh Review Committee, Budgeting Process, Constitutional Provisions, CFI vs Public A/C Ford, Finance Bill vs Money Bill, Vote on A/C vs Interim Budget, Taxation, Union vs States
3 classes
External Trade Unit-Vl
  • Balance of Payments – Definition, Structure, Current A/C, Capital A/C
  • International Financial Institutions (Trading Block) – IMF, World Bank Group, WTO, Exchange Rate System
3 classes
Industrial Development in India Unit-Vll
  • Industrial Policy Statements of 1956, 1991 – Pre-Reform Regime to the Era of Reforms, MSME Enterprises, Economic Crisis of 1991, Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization Measure, Effects of Reforms
  • Infrastructure
  • Investment Models – PPP Model
4 classes
Agricultural Development in India Unit-Vlll
  • Importance of Agriculture in Indian Economy
  • Low Productivity of Indian Agriculture
  • Land Reforms
  • Green Revolution
  • Agricultural Marketing (APMC and Related Reforms)
  • Agricultural Price Policy
  • Public Distribution System: Objectives, Functioning, Limitations, Reforms
  • Issues of Buffer Stock and Food Subsidy
  • Food Processing and Related Industries, Policies, Schemes and Regulations, Fiscal Incentives for Food Processing Sector, Food Safety and Standard Act 2006, National Mission on Food Processing, Facts Hampering the Growth of Food Processing Sector, Measures for Development of Food Processing Industry
  • Irrigation and Related Issues
  • Economics of Animal Rearing
  • Introduction and Importance of Livestock Sector, Aims and Objectives of National Livestock Policy, National Livestock Mission (Technology Mission)
  • Importance of Technology in Agri Sector
4 classes
Investment and Growth Models Unit-lX
  • Infrastructure Related Issues
1 class
Issues of Social Sector Unit-X
  • Poverty Aggregates
  • Unemployment
  • Inequality
  • Population Growth
4 classes
Economic Survey/ Current Issues Unit-Xl
  • Economic Survey/Current Issues
4 classes
Total 35 CLASSES