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Geography Indian Society

Module 2: Geography

S.NO Unit Content No of lasses
1 Unit I : Physical Geography
  • Geography Basics, Basic terms, latitudes etc seasonal variation, GTS - Atmosphere & Temperature,
    Pressure & Winds, Seasonal Winds local winds  & Rainfall.
  • Cyclones & Anti-Cyclones, Ocean Currents, El Nino, La Nina  & Indian ocean dipole, Salinity,
    Tides & Waves, Ocean Bottom Relief, Coral Reefs, Ocean as Resource and World Ocean
  • Assessment Report
  • Interior of the Earth & Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, Volcanism & Earthquakes, Folding &
    Faulting & Mountain Building, Erosion & Landforms
13 Classes
2 Unit II: Indian Geography
  •  Indian Physiography-1
  •  Indian Physiography-2  & Drainage
  •  Floods & Droughts, national water, grid and the feasibility
  •  Climate, monsoon, western disturbances, prediction models of monsoon
  •  Soils and soil problems of India and the solution
5 Classes
3 Unit III: Socio Economic Geography
  • Cropping Intensity of India  - Green Revolution
  • 2nd green revolution, cropping - pattern and related topics
  • Population Demographic transition - migration and related topics
  • Industrial development( concept of growth pole ), locational factors and Industrial regions 
  • Resources   distribution  issues related to mining.
  •  World regional geography
7 Classes
4 Unit  IV Environment and
Disaster management
  • Biodiversity and its conservation
  • Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment
  • Disasters and Disaster management,
4 Classes
5 Unit V
World population
  • Growth distribution of population and problems in the developed and developing countries
2 Classes
6 Unit VI
Indian Society
  • Status of women/Gender discriminate
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
2 Classes
Total 33 CLASSES