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Constitution, Polity & Governance

Module 3: Constitution, Polity & Governance (including social justice)

Part -1 Constitution by Renowned D.P Vajpayee
S.NO Unit Content No of Classes
Constitution Unit I Constitution, Constitutionalism & Constitutonal Morality
  • Indian Constitution – Historical underpinnings,
    evolution, salient features,
  • Amendments
  • Theory of Basic structure.
  • Emergency Provisions
  • Special Provisions
  • Comparative study of constitutions of different countries
6 Classes
Constitution Unit II
  • Indian citizenship,
  • Indian citizenship act, NPR & CAA
2 Classes
Constitution Unit III
  • Fundamental Rights & Duties / Writs
  • Directive Principles of state policy
Constitution Unit IV Indian Legalative system
  • Parliament and state Legislatures – structure functioning,
    conduct of business, powers & privileges and issue
    arising out of these.
  • Parliamentary Procedures – Processes & Motion
5 Classes
Constitution Unit V Indian Judicial System
  • Sources of law and concept of Rule of law
  • Supreme Court
  • High Courts
  • Subordinate Legislation
  • Legal and judicial Reforms
  • Tribunals
4 Classes
Total 21 CLASSES