UPSC Indian Forest Service Examination (IFoS) 2016 Result has been declared we feel greatly satisfied in sharing the results and congratulate all DIAS (Delhi Institute for Administrative Services) successful candidates.DIAS student Abhishek Surana has secured All India Rank 2 with PHYSICS optional.We are very proud of you, Abhishek and our prediction about your success have come true. In fact, Abhishek was the first to call and share this news with DIAS.We congratulate 

Sl. No. Students Name AIR Rank Optional Subject
1. Abhishek Surana Rank 2 Physics
2. Honey Patodi Rank 15 chemistry
3. Deepak Kumar Rank 16 Chemistry
4. Ashish Pandey Rank 17 Physics
5. Deepesh Malhotra Rank 30 Mathematics
6. Ravindra Dhama Rank 49 Physics
7. Saumitra Shukla Rank 50 Chemistry
8. Vikas Paliwal Rank 54 Chemistry
9. Niranjan Kumar Rank73 Chemistry
10. Narender Pandwa Rank 85 Physics
11. Pravin Kumar Nigam Rank 97 Physics

UPSC IFoS Final Result 2016