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UPSC Civil Services Mathematics (Optional)
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with Modern Algebra
By Shukla Sir

Modern Algebra Syllabus

  1. Groups
  2. subgroups
  3. cyclic groups
  4. cosets
  5. Lagrange’s Theorem
  6. normal subgroups
  7. quotient groups
  8. homomorphism of groups
  9. basic isomorphism theorems
  10. permutation groups
  11. Cayley’s theorem
  12. Rings
  13. subrings and ideals
  14. homomorphisms of rings
  15. Integral domains
  16. principal ideal domains
  17. Euclidean domains and unique factorization domains
  18. Fields
  19. quotient fields.

Partial differential equations Syllabus
1) Family of surfaces in three dimensions and formulation of partial differential equations
2) Solution of quasilinear partial differential equations of the first order
3) Cauchy’s method of characteristics
4) Linear partial differential equations of the second order with constant coefficients
5) Canonical form
6) Equation of a vibrating string
7) Heat equation
8) Laplace equation and their solutions

Strategy for Mathematics Optional for UPSC Civil Services Exam
By DP Vajpayee

Mathematics is amongst one of the most scoring optional in Civil Services examination. This is the only subject which can easily fetch one 60% + marks ( i.e 300 + out of 500 ) like 430 out of 600 scored by our student Himanshu Gupta (Rank 7 ) in CSE 2011). Top 20 is always replete with candidates having Mathematics as their optional. In the last decade, Mathematics has produced the maximum number of toppers. In last few years, the popularity of Maths has declined a little bit due to false propaganda against the subject. Read: