Physics Optional Online Classes: The course plan has been designed in such a way that candidate can discipline their study schedule as well as maintain the comfort of flexibility. (You can watch recorded videos on Laptop/Tablet/PC – via user login or pendrive.)

This plan is very helpful for those students who are not in Delhi and they want to prepare physics for civil services exam. This will give the candidate a Virtual Classroom experience, minus you cannot participate instantly (but for this you can contact the teacher (Vajpayee sir) via email or directly talk to him at specified time/day in Delhi or Lucknow Center). In other words, the teacher will be explaining the nitty-gritty of the Physics syllabus, subject matters, conceptual clarity and how to study thinkers as well as art to interconnect and interrelate them.

1) Fees: Rs 36,000/- including Service tax
2) Duration: 6 months
3) Students will be given user ID & password to access the class on our website.
4) Account for online classes will be activated after payment.
5) The video will be an actual recording of our classroom program.
6) One Session Video will be accessible Two times.
7) Tutorial Sheet will be sent in PDF form.
8) Tutorial Sheet will be unit wise.
9) The student can view the video almost two times.
10) A topic wise class test will be uploaded in PDF format in your account.
11) For Online technical Query call 9350934622

Online education is a way of achieving success without sacrificing your lifestyle. We believe that online education is the most significant development in education technology since the cave wall. It’s now possible for a classroom of students to comprise of people who live in completely different locations to come together and share thoughts and do knowledge sharing. We think online learning is pretty special and this programme is our humble Endeavour in sharing that benefit with you.

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