Mohit Bansal
Sri D P Vajpayee is the best teacher one can get for holistic coverage of physics optional course.. his teaching is all about going beyonds the book, which is prerequisite for physics optional in CSE. All the stigma about physics optional will allay under his able guidance. Sir’s class is a must do if someone is aiming for best result in physics optional.

jatin goswami
Classes are held in planned and systematic way,covering optimum physics syllabus and its level required for exam alongwith previous questions gist

Neelkanth Bhardwaj
I attended Physics optional classes for UPSC, under the tutelage of Vajpayi sir at DIAS. I really liked how meticulous the plan of action was and only he could have finished the vast course under the stipulated timeline of 4 1/2 months. He lays down the objective of the examination scheme very crisply right at the beginning which helps in putting focussed efforts. He also substantiates the concepts with real life lessons with an eye on the overall nature of the exam. ThankYou sir for the unmatched guidance that you provided!

The Usual Suspect
“vajpayee sir” is a pioneer in guiding students for physics optional. He makes the vast physics course so handy and simple, that the further approach seems effortless.
also guys ! please follow his instructions & experiences which he shares in class carefully. that would induce confidence & positivity within you.

The best coaching for serious upsc aspirant desiring to have physics or chemistry as optional subject… The plan of the course is well planned and it is being implemented as planned…The faculty here are well experienced and qualified which you can’t expect in any other institute

Saurav Bhagat
There is a stigma against Science Optional among aspirants, I was no exception. Until I came to know about Vajpayee Sir. The syllabus is mighty in itself, and very difficult to consolidate it’s horizontal span and vertical depth. The way syllabus is taught at DIAS will make it bread and butter for you. One must go for Physics optional coaching at DIAS for proper guidance without any second thought.

Avibhav Sharma
Nothing can match the vast experience and exceptional guidance of Vajpayee sir who will not only teach you how to “go beyond the books” for the exam but also to “look beyond the exam” from a holistic view….Thank you sir for Physics and everything…

Vidyanshu Shekhar
Only Vajpayee Sir can cover Physics holistically within 4.5 months. Course design and tutorial sheets cover everything relevant.

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