Mathematics (Optional) classroom Guidance Programme for Civil Services IAS & IFoS Exam: 2018-19

by Renowned VAJPAYEE SIR & Team.
150 + Lectures,300 + Hours Compact Offer

IAS/IFoS Mathematics (Optional)
New Batch Starting from
11th June 2018

• Exhaustive & Scientific Coverage of the whole syllabus.
• Tests at the end of every section.
• 6 days a week class.
• Focus on Answer writing Practice.
• 4 Sectional tests at the end of every Section.

Tentative Schedule for Maths CLASSROOM GUIDANCE Programme

Package – A

Courses taught by Vajpeyi Sir
1) Rigid Dynamics -> 10 Classes
2) Fluid Dynamics -> 12 Classes
3) Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming -> 10 Classes
4) Differential Equations (ODE & PDE ) -> 20 Classes
5) Dynamics -> 10 Classes
6) Vector Analysis -> 8 Classes
7) Analytical Geometry -> 10 Classes

Package – B

Courses taught by other faculties :
1) Modern Algebra ->15 Classes
2) Real Analysis & Calculus ->20 Classes
3) Complex Analysis->15 Classes
4) Linear Algebra & Matrices->15 Classes

DIAS is Providing Online as-well-as Offline Classes.
In Maths Classroom Guidance Programme we Offer :
 Online / Offline Class
 Class Test
 Tutorial Sheets
 Mains Test Series

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