IAS and IFoS Mains Exam- 2019-20
by R. K. Singh

UPSC Chemistry Optional
New Batch commences from 24th Dec.
at 1:30 PM. with Paper-II


  • 100 Lectures, 200 Hours Compact Offer.
  • Exhaustive & Scientific Coverage of the whole syllabus.
  • Tests at the end of every section.
  • 6 days a week class.
  • Focus on Answer writing Practice.
  • 5 Sectional tests at the end of every Section.

Tentative Schedule for CHEMISTRY CLASSROOM GUIDANCE Programme-2018-19.

Paper – I Test
Phase Test 1 : Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Solid State.
Phase Test 2 : Liquid State, Gaseas State, Thermodynamics.
Phase Test 3 : Phase Equilibrium, Electro Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics.
Phase Test 4 : Surface Chemistry, Photo Chemistry, F-Block.
Phase Test 5 : Coordination Compounds, P-block Chemistry.

Paper – II Test
Phase Test 1: Aromaticity, Reaction Mechanism.
Phase Test 2 : Reaction Mechanism.
Phase Test 3 : Named Reactions, Reagents.
Phase Test 4 : Pericyclic Reactions, Photo Chemistry.
Phase Test 5 : Spectroscopy, Polymers.

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